A Beginner’s Guide to the Ringsmaker

The Ring-maker was the name given to the Dark Lord Sauron, who devised the Rings of Power in order to dominate Middle-earth and its peoples. While he was not the only ring maker in Middle-earth, he was a master of the craft and well versed in its lore.

Sauron’s Ring was an incredibly powerful artifact, capable of bending the wills of the wearers and bringing them under his control. It was forged in the Fire of Orodruin and imbued with a great portion of Sauron’s own native strength.

Saruman the Wise, however, was a skilled ring maker himself and it is believed that he constructed at least one Ring of his own. The exact nature of this ring is unknown, but it seems likely that it was less powerful than the Ring of Sauron.

This ring cutting machine is easy to use and fast. It is designed for all wire gauges and comes with a variety of round mandrels in different sizes. The blade guiding groove assures perfect alignment and precise cuts every time. It’s a must for all jump ring makers!

We recommend using a water soluble cutting oil with your Ringsmaker. This will prevent rust and will help keep the cutting surface clean and free of debris. A low-flow pump will continuously pump the fluid directly to the cutting head and the reservoir holds enough fluid for a good long while, making this tool very economical.

A pound of high quality, smooth, bright, and shiny stainless steel rings will cost you $10 or less when you make them yourself. This is a lot cheaper than buying them from Catalog, Website or Local Bead Stores. You will save money, increase your selection and have the ability to quickly turn around orders without waiting for vendors or paying unforeseen shipping fees.

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