A Fountain That Dispenses Wine

A fountain that dispenses wine is not just a pipe dream – it’s a reality in the Italian village of Caldary di Ortona, where visitors can drink red wine 24 hours a day for free. The wine fountain was launched by a local winery and a nonprofit organization, reports the Local.

The wine fountain has become a popular destination for people traveling from across Italy and the world to sample the locally made wines. It’s not unusual to see a queue of more than 200 pilgrims waiting to drink from the wine fountain, which was built in 2016 and is sheltered by a rustic wooden hut.

While there are several fountains that dispense wine around the world, the Italian wine fountain is unique in that it’s free to the public. Pilgrims and tourists can fill up on wine at the wine fountain, which dispenses white and red wines in bottles of all sizes.

Those who wish to recreate the magic of the Italian wine fountain at home can do so by purchasing a DIY kit and following simple instructions. The kits are available online and in many home improvement stores. They come with a water pump, tubing and glass wine bottle that’s ready to be assembled. The DIY wine bottle fountain is an environmentally friendly project that transforms discarded wine bottles into a decorative outdoor water fountain.

Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel has created several models of wine fountains in nickel and pewter with colorful images of Jerusalem, luscious grape designs or graphic diamond patterns. These elegant and beautiful wine fountains will enhance any Shabbat table and make an ideal gift for the holidays. aJudaica’s collection also includes stunning anodized aluminum wine fountains by master artisan Agayof that harmonize form and function with modern style dcor.

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