A Kiddush Fountain Elevates Your Shabbat Dinners

A Kiddush fountain is a beautiful way to elevate your Shabbat and holiday meals. When the head of the family fills the large Kiddush cup that stands on top of the fountain and recites the Kiddush blessing, all present watch the wine flow from it into the smaller cups that stand around the central funnel. The cup and the fountain can be a symbol of the Jewish people’s ability to adapt, evolve and pass on their traditions, as well as a link to Jerusalem. When you invest in a high quality, handmade Judaica item such as a Kiddush fountain, you will be creating an object that will be cherished by your family for generations to come.

Adding a touch of luxury to your table, this nickel-plated Kiddush fountain has been crafted for a flawless pour from the large center Kiddush cup down the expertly designed canals into the eight awaiting smaller cups on the bottom. The dazzling experience will delight your guests, especially the young and the young at heart.

You can also opt for a silver plated Kiddush cup, handcrafted with the elegance of fine jewelry. Many of our silver plated items are embellished with images of Jerusalem, luscious grape designs and graphic diamond patterns, as well as a range of other contemporary designs. Similarly, there are a number of gorgeous anodized aluminum Kiddush sets that offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Whether you choose an ornate traditional piece, a modern design or something completely custom and unique, a Judaica wine fountain will make a statement that will elevate your dinners for years to come. kiddush fountain

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