All Natural Stretch Mark Pregnancy Cream – Why Should You Go Natural?

When shopping for a good stretch mark pregnancy cream to keep your skin healthy during pregnancy, many women are confused by the vast amount of options they have. So I’ve put together a short article of things you want to keep in mind when shopping so that you’re not in the dark anymore…

If you do a little research you will no doubt be told about stretch mark removal creams, stretch mark preventative creams, home remedies, cocoa butter, shea butter, regular moisturizer, and the list goes on.

But what really works to keep your skin vibrant, elastic and healthy throughout your pregnancy?

Well first off, you want to avoid any creams that contain harmful chemicals – the most common being tretinoin. While these creams can be effective to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks, they can be harmful to your baby. Your goal a a mother to be is to prevent stretch marks from occurring by nourishing your skin, not erase current stretch marks. If you wish, you can use these creams after your pregnancy, but not during.

Next, you want to be sure the stretch mark pregnancy cream you chose contains all natural ingredients. Ingredients such as vitamins E, A, and D3 are good, along with aloe vera and squalene oil. The best thing to do is research the ingredients of any cream you’re thinking of buying, and go through the list of ingredients to be sure they’re all naturally occurring.

Finally, and this one is personal opinion, and yours may be different, but I think it’s smart to get a stretch mark pregnancy cream that is designed specifically for pregnant women. Many people will tell you that it’s okay to use regular daily moisturizers, but I like the peace of mind in knowing that the cream I use was made for pregnant women so it’s safe. With all the misinformation out there, that’s just how I feel.

If you want to have the best chance of avoiding stretch marks, it’s important to use your stretch mark pregnancy cream of choice regularly (2-3 times/day), and apply it to all areas of the body that are likely to grow, including your belly, breasts, buttocks, hips, thighs, and lower back. Massaging the cream well into your skin also helps increase blood flow to your skin which is an added bonus. And remember, if you’re proactive and committed to nourishing your body inside and out, you CAN have a better chance of avoiding pregnancy stretch marks. Good luck.. buy careprost

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