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We are one of the leading angel figurines suppliers to the UK gift shop industry. We provide a full range of wholesale angel design gift ware, including Christmas angel gifts, Guardian angel gifts and cherub gifts.

Artist Susan Lordi pays special attention to the emotions that her Willow Tree figurines evoke through gestures alone, creating figural sculptures of hope and comfort. These beautiful gifts make wonderful bereavement presents or remembrance keepsakes.

Product Description

Decorative angel figurines are lovely gifts for friends and family, or beautiful additions to your home. These beautiful statues are sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees them. They make great gifts for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day or any other occasion. These statues are also great collectibles, as they can be passed down through generations.

Shop a wide selection of quality wholesale angel figurines for sale at Global Sources. Find everything from cute cherub angels to elegant marble statues. Each product is carefully crafted with care to ensure its high quality and durability. Our reliable suppliers offer the best wholesale prices on these trendy gift products.

This beautiful white porcelain angel statue has a soft, sculpted face and wings. It is the perfect size for shelf or mantel decoration. The wing span is approximately 2.75″ and the height is 4.5″. It makes a wonderful gift for any loved one, or can be displayed in your own home. The angel is a symbol of divine protection, and this statue would be a great reminder to anyone in need of a little extra love and guidance. The angel is hand-painted and glazed, and it is a limited edition.


Olive wood angels are a unique gift for loved ones. Handmade from the sacred trees of the Holy Land, these pieces of art are a perfect way to add peace and blessings to your home. These beautiful statues are also a great addition to Nativity sets or Christmas ornaments. Featuring intricate details and craftsmanship, these angels are sure to inspire and inspire those who see them in your home.

These beautiful angels are hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Using olive wood sourced from Israel, each angel is unique, and the intricate details make them a special gift for friends and family. These angels are a wonderful addition to any home, and will become treasured keepsakes for generations to come.

Our collection of wholesale angel figurines includes gifts for all occasions. From cherub baby gifts to sympathy and bereavement angels, we have something for everyone. We even carry beautiful praying angels for your home or church. Our collection of wholesale religious angels makes an excellent gift for any occasion.

Our wholesale angel figurines are made from high-quality materials and are perfect for adding to your home or office. These decorative angels are available in many different styles and finishes to suit any style. Our prayer angels are perfect for keeping near your bed or for displaying on the mantlepiece.


Angel figurines come in many styles and are a beautiful way to bring spirituality into your home or garden. They can serve as a gentle reminder of your faith, a keepsake from a special event, or a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones. They can also provide comfort and peace.

One of the most popular types of angel figurines is a guardian angel. These statues are often a beautiful depiction of a biblical angel and serve as a reminder that you are protected by God. Some people even believe that their guardian angels are assigned to watch over them personally. This can make them feel closer to God and feel less fearful in difficult times.

Another popular type of angel is a Christmas angel. This is a beautiful figure that can be placed on the mantle or used as a tree topper. It is often a representation of the Virgin Mary or an angel with wings spread out in prayer. The Christmas angel comes in a variety of colors and can be made from a range of materials.

If you’re looking for a unique and spiritual statue, consider an angel releasing doves into the sky. This elegant piece is made of good-quality marble and features a beautiful base. It would look lovely in a secluded corner of your garden or even as a grave decoration.


Wholesale angel figurines can be used to decorate the home or as a gift for friends. They are made from natural stones and are available in many sizes. Some have a clear stone finish, while others have a colored stone surface. They can be used to decorate a mantel or table. They can also be placed in the garden to protect your plants from insects.

Some of the more popular angel statues are carved from natural white marble. The artists work on the marble for a long time and never let go of the details. They are not only beautiful but also have a sense of life. The details of the wings are well-proportioned and the expression is full of charm. The marble angel statue is very elegant and would be perfect for a gift or decoration.

If you are looking for an online source for wholesale angel statues, Global Sources is the right place to shop. This B2B marketplace makes it easy for buyers and sellers to connect. Browse our selection of stylish products from verified wholesalers and manufacturers in China, India, Korea, and more. You can compare the price, learn about the MOQs, and contact suppliers directly to strike a deal.

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