Banuba Video Editor SDK

Banuba Video Editor SDK is a powerful video editing tool that lets users create professional social videos like on TikTok. Its API enables developers to develop video editing apps for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS.

A wide range of video editing tools and features help users produce breathtaking videos with ease. These include radial and gaussian blur filters, audio processing tools, color correction, and time-shifting effects. It also includes video collages, a video player, and more.

UI customization is easy with Banuba Video Editor SDK, which lets you reposition toolbar elements, change icons and rename tools to fit your use case. You can even customize any button label to add a personal touch to your app.

Monetization model

A monetization model for a video editor app depends on the type of content it offers. Some apps offer basic functions free of charge, but users can upgrade to premium versions to get additional advanced features. Other apps, on the other hand, host advertisements and allow users to remove them for a fee. This monetization model can be particularly effective in cases where users are unable to pay for content they want to access.

Face Filters and AR Masks

The use of face filters is popular in applications for entertainment, product testing, and virtual try-ons. Mobile beauty and video editor apps, social media and virtual try-ons applications often employ face filters for creating user-generated content.

Face filters and 3D masks are a valuable asset for creating AR apps that let users see their facial features in real-time. Using an SDK that provides an extensive catalog of ready-made AR masks saves developers time and money while improving the quality of their apps.

Video editing is a growing industry and Banuba has an edge over its competitors. The company’s video editing SDK has been used by multiple companies (like Chingari and Jalsa) to build feature-rich apps that improve user engagement, boost in-app purchases, and increase sales.

Augmented Reality

Banuba’s AR Video Editor SDK enables developers to add face-tracking functionality to their applications, such as video editing and conferencing apps, beauty and virtual try-ons apps, and social media apps. It offers a wide selection of face filter and 3D mask libraries, an effect constructor, and a viewer for creating custom 3D lens.

The AR video editor SDK also allows developers to create social clones, streamline marketing campaigns, upgrade cloud storage editing tools, and boost brand performance through user-generated content. The SDK supports multiple platforms and can be used to build apps for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Unity.

Role-based design templates give users an easy way to jumpstart their creative process. They can apply filters, adjust colors and contrast, change fonts, and crop ratios to achieve the desired look. Embedded variables make it possible to control the appearance of video creations by constraining templates.

Over 60 filters covering all state-of-the-art enable users to add depth and focus to their videos by removing background elements, changing camera and focus points, or applying blurs. In addition, they can add text, stickers, overlays, and frames to give their videos a unique look.

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