Billi Taps

Billi taps are a popular addition to workplaces and homes that want a premium filtered water system to replace their kettle. They’re stylish, compact, energy efficient, and come with a range of dispense options.

The most popular option, a boiling and chilled Billi tap provides instant access to both chilled and boiling filtered drinking water. They’re ideal for workspaces that need a combination of boiling and chilled drinking water as well as hot and cold water for a sink. The market-leading Quadra range is the most popular choice in this category.

With the option to add CO2, a carbonated Billi tap delivers bubbly filtered water on demand. These systems use a replacement CO2 cartridge that can be easily changed. They’re the ideal drink system for offices and restaurants that require a bubbly alternative to flat or still iced tea or coffee.

Designed to reduce the amount of time staff are left waiting for the kettle, these tapping solutions can boost office efficiency and productivity. They’re also half the size of traditional water coolers, allowing for a more streamlined workspace.

Featuring a range of stunning finishes and designs, these filtered taps are designed to provide ambient filtered water at the touch of a lever. They’re energy efficient, using the clever patented technology that reclaims waste heat from chilling the water to preheat the boiling water. They’re also water-cooled, removing the need for cupboard ventilation and a more eco-friendly alternative to bottled drinking water.

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