Birthday Cakes Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

When you think about birthdays, the first thing that comes to mind is probably cake. Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone or just a regular ol’ one, birthdays just aren’t complete without a celebratory piece of sweet goodness. And while there are a number of different birthday cake flavors out there (red velvet, carrot, chocolate, angel food), most people agree that the best birthday cake flavor is vanilla with sprinkles.

Interestingly enough, although we often associate birthday cakes with childhood (perhaps in part due to the song “Happy Birthday To You” reverting to public domain in 2016, making it free for anyone to use forevermore), birthday cake is actually a pretty modern invention. The first recorded instances of a birthday cake were in 18th-century Germany, but the tradition is now prevalent in many cultures around the world.

A typical cake is a highly decorated layer cake covered in frosting with small lit candles on top that represent the person’s age. Other cake variations include cupcakes, pastries, or even layered cheesecakes. Usually, the cake is also decorated with birthday wishes and the person’s name.

According to Flavor Science, the taste of birthday cake is derived from a mix of ingredients that create a heightened sense of sweetness. The specific ingredients used to give it this quality vary from bakery to bakery, but they generally include butter, milk, vanilla extract, and icing. The combination of these ingredients creates a distinct flavor that’s been likened to cotton candy, marshmallow, and vanilla pudding.

The origins of the birthday cake tradition are unclear, but we know that in the 1700’s, bakeries began to market cakes similar to those of today. These early birthday cakes had several layers, icing, and decorations, but were very expensive. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that mass-production made it possible for everyone to partake in this celebration staple. The number of candles on a cake represents the age of the person celebrating, and they are blown out in the order of their birthdate, with one added for luck.

If you get the first slice of cake, it is believed that your wish will come true. One more dangerous tradition involves baking a dime or thimble into the cake, and whoever gets that special slice will be wealthy, although this is not always the case in real life.

While the history of the birthday cake may be somewhat shady, it’s clear that we love this sugary treat and all the quaint traditions associated with it. So next time you’re enjoying a piece of birthday cake, take a moment to reflect on the many things in this world to be grateful for—including your delicious slice of birthday heaven.

Whether you’re going out for a big celebration or just staying in and eating a slice of ice cream, we hope that this article has made you even more excited to celebrate your birthday! So grab a fork, put on your favorite tunes, and enjoy some birthday cake magic. birthday cake

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