Can I Upgrade My Conservatory to a Tiled Roof?

There are many reasons people consider installing a tiled roof on their conservatory, including temperature and glare control, insulation, soundproofing from rain and bad weather, and protectin from airborne dirt. Thanks to regulations that came into play in October 2010, we can now take advantage of this great option, with many choosing to install new solid roof upgrades. This article will go over some of the methods that are available if you opt to go down this route.

Roof choices

When choosing a roof for your conservatory, a tiled look is an attractive choice. There are many companies out there offering different versions of tile-look roofs for your conservatory. Most of these roofs are lightweight and simple to install, with many claiming to offer a full installation service in just two or three days.

These companies have different ways of doing things, with some removing the glass roof and spars entirely, and others leaving the spars on with added reinforcements to ensure the conservatory is strong enough.

You can also choose to install the roof by yourself, with some companies offering handy guides on how this is done – although we recommend hiring a professional if your budget allows.

Types of tiles

Steel core tiles increase strength and reduce weight, making them a smart and robust option for your conservatory roof. Other companies offer variations of lightweight tiles.

Flat ceiling or vaulted ceiling

A vaulted ceiling is achieved using your existing roof structure, with outside cladding, the use of foil-backed insulation and the addition of a plastered ceiling. This only offers minimal strengthening and insulation.

A flat ceiling will still use your existing roof structure, but ties it together with a flat ceiling. The installation of glass mineral wool and a plastered ceiling allows for better insulation and will also be structurally stronger. However, this method means your ceiling height must be at the point where your existing ring beam and T section rafter meet.

Alternatively, you could remove your existing roof entirely, but with a raised ceiling. This provides the best levels of strength an insulation for your conservatory.


Of course, installing a roof means you’ll lose some light. Downlights or ceiling lights are usually recommended when undergoing your roof installation, and can help brighten up your conservatory when necessary. Downlights can last up to 30,000 hours, so you can install them without having to worry about regular maintenance. solid conservatory roof panels

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