Choosing Engagement Rings: The Best Diamond Alternatives for Any Budget

Diamonds are usually the first stone type most people think about when choosing engagement jewelry. While the icy shine of diamond has an eye-catching quality that appears gorgeous in almost any setting, there are other gems that can look just as good. Some are more budget-friendly while others may be more appropriate based on the recipient’s personality and fashion preference.

It is important to remember that regardless of what others think or suggest, an engagement ring should be chosen based on the individual expectations and requirements of the couple. Some colors, styles and elements may have deep meaning which will give the finished piece more significance. The ring should also come with a price that fits comfortably into a predetermined budget. Spending too much or choosing a design based on others’ expectations rather than sentiment and personal taste can have a negative impact on the proposal.

Captivating Sapphire is the Choice of Royalty

Sapphire is an excellent diamond alternative that brings with it a captivating blue hue. Some women prefer the majestic glint of sapphire over the clear cut of diamond. This type has been showcased as the main feature in many royal engagement rings, including the one chosen by Princess Diana of Wales. The same ring has made appearances on the finger of Kate Middleton. 14 diamonds are used in the design, however the crowning jewel is by far the prominently displayed oval sapphire positioned at the center.

There are a number of color choices for a sapphire. A lighter version offers a refreshingly cool hue that looks completely different than the dark navy stones found on the other end of the color spectrum. Shade variation provides another way to create an original piece of jewelry that will make a strong impact as a symbol of affection.

Fiery Ruby Creates a Heartfelt Presentation

Ruby is a second diamond alternative that has a lot of character and visual appeal. For some couples, the red hot color serves as an appropriate way to commemorate the growth of a loving relationship. Many famous people have opted for ruby, including Jessica Simpson who showcased a colored stone paired with two diamonds. While the finished piece looks stunning with the diamonds, there are many engagement rings that feature ruby exclusively that are just as glamorous.

Different grades of ruby are available, with lighter and darker tones. Stones that have a more vibrant coloration generally hold a higher overall quality and will cost more. Before purchasing a ruby, it is recommended that the buyer ask if the gem has been treated. Some are treated with dyes to help cover imperfections. The ruby is also the birthstone for July, making it a great choice if the recipient has a birthday during that month.

Diamond Look-Alikes that Cost Less

If diamond is the preferred type but the engagement ring budget doesn’t have much room for a quality stone, there are less expensive alternatives that look much like the real thing. Cubic zirconia is a synthesized material that appears remarkably similar. To the untrained eye, a CZ stone may be nearly impossible to identify from a real diamond. Jewelry shoppers should note that a well-cut diamond will offer more brilliance however the cubic zirconia is unlikely to have the less desirable brown or yellow coloration seen in some diamonds.

Synthetic moissanite is a second look-alike alternative available to modern couples. This material has a density very similar to diamond and looks just as good when worn with almost any precious metal. The downside is seen in the stone’s coloration. Synthetic moissanite tends to have a brownish green hue. This alternative may not be appealing if the engagement ring budget is very tight. While it can cost less than real diamond, synthetic moissanite comes at a much higher price than cubic zirconia. diamond painting eigenes bild

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