Choosing Summer Suits

The summer months present a unique opportunity to branch out into different fabrications and colours of suits, with the right styling they can help you look polished, professional and refined. The fabrics that are best suited for summer are those that are breathable and lightweight but still provide structure to your appearance. This includes linen, cotton and fresco wool.

Linen is a classic, and one of the most popular suit fabrics for summer because it is highly breathable, with a visible weave and made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is, however, prone to wrinkling and it is best to choose a linen suit that is also partly made from wool or cotton.

Cotton is another great choice because it provides more density than linen and can be used for work or formal occasions, while being light, comfortable and breathable. It’s also good at absorbing sweat and humidity, and it’s naturally wrinkle resistant.

Alternatively, try a wool and silk-linen blend. This combination is ideal for the warmer months because it helps regulate body temperature and has a natural sheen that adds to a sense of grandeur to your look.

If you choose a lighter coloured suit, keep the shirt light as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of veering into Al Capone or nightclub bouncer territory. Sarah Gilfillan suggests choosing a pale blue, whilst Jack McLaren-Stewart advocates for a white shirt. In either case, make sure that you have a slim tie on hand to maintain a polished and professional aesthetic. A xTie Slim, for instance, is stain, odor and wrinkle resistant and it’s easy to fasten with the auto-adjust technology. Summer suits

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