Costs of in Home Care Services in Toronto

Many elderly Canadians prefer to receive home care services rather than move into an assisted-living or nursing home facility. These services allow seniors to maintain their independence, dignity and comfort, while providing family caregivers the opportunity for a break from daily duties. Home care costs vary depending on the level of assistance needed and the services requested. Some home care agencies offer free in-home assessments to help families determine a cost for their senior loved one’s home health needs.

A home health assessment will typically start with a nurse or social worker interviewing the individual to discuss their health and lifestyle habits, current care needs and goals. This will provide the home care agency with enough information to recommend what type and frequency of home health care services are required. In addition, this process will help to ensure that the person is eligible for home health care and that any third party services such as physiotherapy or a dental visit can be covered by their OHIP plan.

Most provincial governments have programs in place to assist with the cost of home health care for those who require it. Contact your local government’s health agency or your physician to see if you are eligible for assistance. Often, these programs can also cover other expenses such as transportation or home repairs. In addition, most private insurance companies and employee benefit plans will also provide coverage for home care.

Regardless of the level of home care that is required, it is essential to speak with an expert from a professional home care service provider to determine a price for your loved one’s specific needs. Private costs can be less expensive than a long term care home, which averages $1,900 to $2,300 per month. In some cases, the wait list for a government-subsidized long term care (LTC) home can be up to 2 years.

Many of the same costs that would be incurred in an LTC home can be covered by a home care plan that is tailored to each individual’s unique care requirements and provided by a professionally trained Personal Support Worker. In addition, other third party costs such as physiotherapy or dental costs can be billed directly to the home care plan.

In addition to helping seniors with their day-to-day living, home care services can assist with more complex healthcare needs such as memory loss and end-of-life care. In these situations, a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner can provide in-home specialized care that is not available through other home health care providers.

Home care services are available in a wide range of settings and include everything from a visit from a home care nurse to a more complex home health care program including nursing care, personal support services and palliative care. Fortunately, the costs of home care are less than you might think. By taking the time to speak with a trusted home care expert, you can find out how much home care in toronto will cost for your loved one’s specific needs. in home care toronto

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