Creating a Utility Payment System in Oracle FLEXCUBE

In modern life, we do not live independently of utility services like electricity, gas and water. To keep them running smoothly, timely payment of the bills is important. The utility payment system makes sure that the customers have multiple options and convenience to make payments, whether it is online, over the phone or through a drop box.

The key is to provide a multichannel, customer-centric payment solution that integrates with the customer web portal and mobile app. This way, your customers can check their balance and make one-time or recurring payments whenever they want, without having to go to a kiosk.

For cash paying customers, the solution should include the ability to make payments through walk-in payment retailers like grocery stores and convenience outlets. The solution must also support smart meter integration to allow customers to submit usage data directly from their devices, for accurate cost distribution and billing.

It is also a good idea to allow customers to link their utility accounts with their credit cards, which can simplify the process of making automatic payments and reduce paper waste. This feature also allows customers to track their spending and manage their budgets more easily.

In Oracle FLEXCUBE, you can maintain the utility bill payment instructions using the ‘UPBAUINS’ screen under the ‘Mandatory Batch Program Maintenance’ category in ‘ARC Maintenance’. Once the product is defined, all accounting and charges details specified for this product are automatically applied to the utility payment transactions that you input into the system against the same. utility payment system

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