Diamond Paste

Diamond paste is a kind of polishing compound. It is composed of finely ground diamond particles, mixed with a liquid, such as water or oil. It is used to polish metals, alloys, glass, ceramics and other hard materials. It can also be used to sharpen tools. It is available in a wide range of grits from very coarse to very fine. The grits are sorted and color coded to make it easy to distinguish one grit from another. The different grits are intended for specific types of polishing tasks.

Generally speaking, diamond paste is used to polish the edges of metal or other hard material tools, such as lathe bits, drills and milling cutters. The process is done progressively, beginning with a coarse grit, and moving on to a finer grit, until the final desired smooth edge is achieved. A finer grit can also be used to sharpen metal tools, such as scissors or shears.

It is typically applied to a cloth and then rubbed over the surface of the workpiece, or sometimes directly on the metal, depending on the desired result. A lubricant or extender can be added to the paste to help it spread evenly and reduce friction. Some pastes are designed to be used with a tool called a strop, which is a flat paddle-like piece of synthetic material that is shaped in such a way as to provide an even and smooth surface.

For a very fine finish, some diamond paste is also designed to be used with a felt pad, similar to how sandpaper is used to sharpen metal, but it is much more precise. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of tasks, such as the sharpening of a pair of high-quality shears on the Hira-To professional scissor sharpener.

There are a few different types of diamond pastes on the market, including water-based and oil-based compounds. Each has its own set of benefits and disadvantages, but the type you choose will depend on the types of work you are doing. Water-based diamond paste is a good choice for metal polishing, as it offers swift stock removal without damaging the substrate. It is best used with a strop for very fine polishing, however.

Oil-based diamond paste, on the other hand, provides an excellent grip for abrasive materials such as glass or ceramics. It works well on metallographic and petrographic samples, as well as lapidary work. This type of diamond paste is also ideal for polishing DLC coatings.

Kemet’s OS diamond compound is a game-changing product, expertly formulated to elevate your performance and unlock new realms of possibility when it comes to working with carbide and other hard materials. It is a highly concentrated and durable formula, engineered to stand up to high temperatures and pressure without deterioration. Each kit includes a 20g syringe of OS diamond compound, and a selection of grits to choose from. A syringe applicator is included, making it easier than ever to apply the perfect amount of diamond paste to your workpiece.

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