Dometic Refrigerators

dometic rv fridge are ideal for those who need an icebox that’s easy to transport and can handle a variety of temperatures. With folding handles, LED interior lights, and a built-in battery protection system, these fridges are perfect for weekend warriors who need to stay chilled on the road.

Thermocouple-Focused Models

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with their RV fridges is running them too cold. If the temperature in your RV’s fridge is too cold, your food won’t stay fresh as long and it will be more likely to spoil.

The most common problem with this is that a fridge’s thermocouple isn’t working properly, which means it can’t sense when the temperature inside your RV has dropped too low. In most cases, this is an easy fix that can be done with a simple tool set and some knowledge of how your fridge works.

Absorption Refrigerators on Shore Power or Gas

Most dometic absorbtion fridges function just like their AC counterparts, but a few models also use a DC heating element that can run on your batteries. This is a great option for people who plan on boondocking and want to take advantage of the solar power available. However, be sure to connect your fridge to your shore power or gas outlet before you leave so it can cool down properly before you get there.

This can be a big help when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and need your fridge to keep your food frozen until you can find a reliable source of power. If you don’t have a way to connect your fridge to power, you can also use a propane heater to cool down your unit, but be aware that this can reduce the efficiency of the unit and it will drain your batteries more quickly.

You can always purchase a battery charger and inverter to recharge your refrigerator while you’re camping or boondocking. But if you do choose this route, be sure to connect it directly to the fridge rather than connecting it to the RV’s main electrical source, which could cause damage.

Having a full tank of gas before you go out is another important part of keeping your fridge operating at its best. This will not only keep your food cool, but it will also help avoid refrigerant leaks that can cause serious fires.

A full tank of fuel will also make it easier to remove the ice from your fridge. Once you’ve removed the ice, it’s crucial to clean out any debris from the vents or exhaust pipes. If any particles gather here, it can reduce the performance of your absorption fridge and cause a clog that will prevent your refrigerator from running as efficiently as it should.

If you’re planning on taking an extended vacation, it’s a good idea to prepare your Dometic refrigerator before you leave so it can cool down to safe temperatures. This will save you time and hassle when you arrive at your destination.

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