Florecientes Dominicana

Florecientes dominicana

Poinsettias are as much of a Dominican Christmas tradition as is the custom of giving presents to friends and family. In fact, flores dominicana are so popular that the La Flor Dominicana company has created a line of 10-cigar boxes with the flower on the outside, and a silhouette of cigarmaker Litto Gomez inside.

In addition to gifts, many families set up Nacimientos, or nativity scenes, which are often made from figurine sets and other handmade creations known as charamicos that depict Mary, Joseph, farm animals and angels. Nacimientos are also commonly displayed in public squares around the country, and some villages and towns even host living nativity scenes that feature real people acting out the roles of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and wise men [1].

A popular herbal remedy for a variety of ailments is the botella, a bottled mixture containing a blend of plant parts and culinary spices. These mixtures are available at Dominican pharmacies and grocery stores, as well as in markets and street stands throughout the country and, to a lesser extent, in neighborhoods with large Dominican populations (e.g., Washington Heights, New York City) and in places where immigrants from the DR have settled.

Like other Spanish-speaking regions of the world, Dominican Spanish has yeismo, in which sounds such as ll (the palatal approximant /j/) and y (historically the palatal lateral //) are merged into a single sound, resulting in pronunciations such as se cayo and se callo. flores dominicana

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