Football Socks Grip

Football is a game of fine margins, and as more research is invested in sporting biomechanics it has become clear that the right equipment can make all the difference. Grip socks are one such piece of kit that is becoming increasingly popular with players – from the young aspiring athlete to the seasoned pro looking for a competitive edge.

Football grip socks are made from a specialised fabric that features small rubber grips. This is designed to create better friction between the boot and the ground, meaning that you can be confident in changing direction, sprinting after a player or tackling without fear of slipping and losing your footing. The material also helps to maintain a good level of heat throughout games to encourage blood flow and circulation, while being breathable to help reduce perspiration.

If you have never worn grip socks before then it is best to wear them in training a few times to get used to the feel. This will allow your feet to get accustomed to the friction that they will experience and also ensure that you get the best use out of them.

Grip socks can be worn either on their own or paired with your regular team socks. It is recommended that you cut the foot off of your team socks before wearing them, allowing you to slip the grip socks over the top. This will ensure that the non-slip rubber pads come into contact with your shoes rather than your team socks, maximising their benefits. football socks grip

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