Hair Salon Equipment – Start Your Journey Into the Beauty Industry With the Right Equipment

Hair salon equipment isn’t just tools to perform hair services – it’s also the infrastructure of your business. Having high-quality and reliable equipment will ensure you deliver a premium client experience, build your brand, and enable you to charge higher prices. Check out our Hair salon equipment checklist and start your journey into the beauty industry with the right foundation.

Salon Chairs

A salon’s chair is where clients spend a good portion of their time – and a comfortable one is key to ensuring your customers enjoy the service they receive. Look for a stylist chair that provides ergonomic support and is designed to be easily cleaned. Many stylist chairs come with a variety of base options that allow you to customize the look.

Stylist Tools & Accessories

Your hair stylists will need many different kinds of tools, and having them organized and ready to use makes for a more efficient workplace. Hair clippers, curling irons, hair straighteners, and brushes are just some of the many items you’ll need to keep stocked for your hair styling team. And don’t forget a set of professional hair scissors for cutting and trimming, as well as the all-important hair color bowl.

Shampoo Stations

Hair services can take a lot of time, so having the right shampoo stations for each service type is essential. You’ll need a sink, mirror, and chair for the shampoo area. Each shampoo station should be equipped with a hair trap to prevent hair from clogging drains and towels to provide a sanitary working environment.

Each hair service station should have a wide array of salon supplies that will help your stylists work more efficiently. These include tools like shears, hair clips, and hairdryers, as well as hair products such as color, conditioner, and hair treatments. A salon trolley or cart can be a great way to store these products and make it easier for your stylists to access them when needed.

Stylists need to be able to move around the salon easily to serve their customers, so having wheeled salon carts or trolleys with utility trays is helpful. This allows them to keep the chemicals and equipment they need within reach without having to bend down or reach under counters.

Salon Decor & Supplies

The reception area is a salon’s first impression, so it’s important to create an inviting space for your clients to get settled in before their service starts. A stylish, branded reception desk helps to establish your salon’s aesthetic while providing storage for salon tools and supplies. You’ll also need a welcome mat and signs to display your hours of operation.

A good hair salon should have a laundry room to handle the large volume of towels, capes, and aprons that will need washing during a typical workday. Investing in a good washer and dryer will help you avoid the hassle and expense of frequent trips to the laundromat. A ring light is another piece of essential salon equipment that will give you the professional lighting you need to take beautiful before-and-after photos for your website and social media. Équipements salon de coiffure

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