Health and Safety Awareness Course

Taking a health and safety awareness course is an excellent way to get familiar with the basic principles of working safely in any workplace environment. This training also allows workers to develop the skills and information they need to bolster ethical work practices, which in turn can help reduce work-related accidents and incidents and improve morale.

Regardless of the industry, every workplace has its own unique hazards that can threaten worker’s health and well being. These include physical hazards such as burns, cuts, back injuries and exposure to chemicals or drugs in hospital settings, electrical hazards, slips and falls and working at height. In addition to ensuring the safety of employees, health and safety awareness training helps companies to avoid costly lawsuits that could impact their image and reputation.

Training can help to create a positive culture in the workplace, which can lead to higher productivity and morale. Staff that know that their safety and health is being taken seriously are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and commit themselves fully to the company’s success.

Having the ability to take health and safety courses online also allows workers to be trained at their own time and place. This is ideal for those who need to be trained on the go and can save valuable time and resources that would have been used for a face-to-face session. This course covers a broad range of topics including fire hazards, COSHH and PPE, working at heights, electricity and schemes for improving performance. The course has a 15 question, multiple choice quiz at the end which, if completed successfully, results in an email of a certificate. A posted certificate is available for an additional cost. health and safety awareness course

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