Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Whether you are working on your car, truck, camper, trailer or any other vehicle with electrical wiring, heat shrink butt connectors (also known as heat shrink insulated terminals) help to ensure that the connections made are strong and waterproof. These heat-shrinkable electrical wire connectors feature a layer of hot melt adhesive on the inside of the insulation that seals the connection once heated, protecting it from moisture and other contaminants that could short circuit your wires. These insulated wire connectors are available in several gauges to fit different types of electrical wiring and are an easy way to connect two separate wires without having to use heat to melt solder or use a crimping tool.

When it comes to connecting electrical wires, there are many methods that can be used. Most commonly, crimp terminals or soldering are used to make the connections. However, there are also other devices such as insulated butt connectors that allow you to quickly and easily create water-resistant connections without the need for a soldering iron or crimping tool. These insulated butt connectors can be inserted into the end of a wire and then covered with heat-shrinkable tubing. Once the tubing is in place, it will not only help to protect the exposed ends of the wires from moisture but it will also make a tight seal to help prevent corrosion.

Insulated butt connectors are typically made from plastic or a tin-bismuth alloy that is safer than lead and can be used where it is prohibited to use solder. To install a insulated butt connector, first remove any excess wire and strip the ends to expose about an inch of copper strands. Then, simply insert the wires into each opening in the insulated butt connector, making sure the stripped ends touch one another. Next, a ratchet crimping tool is used to crimp the metal connector, creating a firm crimp. Once the crimp is complete, a small amount of heat is applied to the insulated butt connector with a heat gun or butane torch which will melt the adhesive inside and cause the tubing to shrink around the crimped wires and form a secure, waterproof seal.

The insulated butt connectors that we carry at Wirefy are manufactured with high-quality materials including thick copper barrels and dual-wall, quality 3:1 ratio heat-shrink tubing with adhesive on the inside. This allows for a stronger crimp and a better overall seal that is resistant to water, steam, salt and other chemicals that can break down wires over time. These insulated butt connectors are perfect for marine, automotive or other harsh environments and will provide you with an electrical connection that is waterproof, resistant to abrasion, vibration and corrosion.

If you are looking for a great deal on heat-shrink butt connectors, check out our value pack which includes enough to last you through multiple wiring projects. Also be sure to pick up a ratchet crimper or other quality crimping tool so you can have the right crimp before applying heat to the insulated butt connectors.

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