Home Care Agency Hiring Strategies

A home care agency recruiter can spend 50% of their time chasing down applicants who are not qualified for the position. This is a costly way to waste time. Instead, invest in a well-crafted recruitment strategy that needs minimal improvising.

During a caregiver shortage, it may seem tempting to hire anyone who can pass a background check. However, this is a recipe for disaster. Caregivers are looking for stability, competitive wages and career advancement opportunities. They also expect a robust orientation and onboarding process. If you want to attract and retain great caregivers, you must focus on delivering the best experience in your agency.

Behavioral interview questions offer insight into a candidate’s character and their ability to care for a client. They ask candidates to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, how they react in stressful situations, and more. These questions are not just for job seekers, but for anyone hiring for a role that requires emotional intelligence.

Unlike independent (direct hire) caregivers, a home care agency is bonded and insured and covers their employees under worker’s compensation. If a direct-hire caregiver calls in sick or goes on vacation, the family must arrange replacement care. This can be a hassle and expensive, especially when the client requires next-day coverage. Agencies can save clients money by covering these costs on their behalf. In addition, agencies can offer caregivers higher wages than a registry would pay an independent provider. Managing payroll for independent contractors is complicated and involves tax withholding, reporting payments, and filing federal and state unemployment taxes. caregiver agency hiring

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