How to Become a Skill Seller

Whether you sell a product to a single customer, services to an entire industry or an idea destined to change the future of commerce, professional sales skills are essential to success. But, with so many new trends and practices emerging, it can be difficult to keep up with best practice tips and tricks that will help you meet and exceed your goals this year.

A skill seller knows how to collaborate with buyers at every stage of the buying process, ensuring they are meeting buyer needs and helping them envision value. They have strong business acumen to understand a client’s unique challenges, issues and opportunities to create an effective solution.

They have the ability to ask insightful questions that deepen the dialogue with buyers and uncover key insights that allow them to position solutions in a meaningful way for clients. They can also demonstrate effective listening, which is a critical component to building trust with prospects and driving better business outcomes for their customers.

Top sellers know how to effectively upsell existing accounts by leveraging account maps and other customer data to identify opportunities with existing buyers. They can then leverage their selling skills to provide a value-based approach that helps them win the deal and grow their accounts.

Developing the right sales skills requires ongoing training and reinforcement that is aligned with your sales strategy. A well-thought-out plan is necessary to ensure new knowledge and skills are retained by your team after the training session is over, and it’s important to spend time defining the how, not just the what. skill seller

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