How to Become a Voice Over Artist

Whether they’re replacing dialogue or narrating productions, voice over artists play a crucial role in delivering messages that resonate with audiences. From commercials to podcasts, animation to video games, these professionals are in high demand for their skills.

When searching for a freelance professional, look for someone who has the ability to deliver with both clarity and emotion. Often, people hiring will want to hear a sample of your work in order to understand your tone and the emotion you’re trying to convey. Professional voice actors can cry, scream, or sound excited with ease and will make sure they’re enunciating every word.

Professionals should also be able to adapt their voice for each project. For example, a corporate client may request a soothing and approachable voice for an explainer video while a video game developer might opt for a more deep and intense tone.

Lastly, you’ll need to find an agent who will market your skills to casting agents and inform you of voice over auditions. The agent can help you build a portfolio of jobs and will negotiate your salary on your behalf. voice over artists

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