How to Choose a Moving Company

A moving company (also called a removalist, van line, or moving service) helps

customers move their goods and/or personal property from one location to another.

These companies typically offer full-service moving, storage and packing, and they

may also handle auto transport and international shipping. umzugsfirmen may

operate on a local, regional or national basis. Many large moving companies have a

network of local affiliates and agents. In some cases, these independent local offices

are franchises of the national brand; in other instances, they’re independently

owned and operated.

Choosing the right moving company requires careful consideration of your specific

needs and your available budget. The type of moving services you require will

influence your overall cost, and it’s important to choose a company that has

experience handling moves like yours. For example, a local company may be best

equipped to deal with NYC’s tight streets and high-rise apartment buildings, while a

long-distance mover might have more experience handling interstate and cross-

country moves.

The right moving company can help you navigate complicated moves with ease and

ensure that all of your items are packed and transported safely. To make the best

choice, start by researching local companies through online reviews and discussion

forums. Then, narrow down your options by asking potential movers for an in-home

estimate. Keep in mind that estimates can vary significantly between companies, so

comparison shopping is key. It’s also a good idea to ask about extra services that

can drive up your total cost, such as insurance.

You should always check whether a moving company is licensed in your state. Some

states have moving associations that maintain databases of member companies,

while others rely on the Department of Transportation or Public Service Commission

to track license numbers and complaints. In addition, the American Moving and

Storage Association used to offer a ProMover certification for members that meet

strict safety and service standards; this is an excellent indicator of a moving

company’s reliability.

When comparing moving companies, pay close attention to their sanitation

protocols. For example, if your move includes an attic or basement, a reputable

moving company should follow proper sanitization procedures to protect against

mold and other harmful microorganisms. If you’re unsure, you can ask the company

to provide you with details of their sanitation protocol.

It’s important to take a complete inventory of your belongings before you hire

movers. This will allow you to accurately determine how much your move will cost.

Some moving companies will charge you based on the number of boxes and/or

weight of your items, so it’s crucial to be honest when completing your inventory.

If you’re relocating to New York City, look for a moving company that offers a free

home inventory and a virtual or on-site walkthrough before giving an estimate. In

addition, consider companies such as PODS and Allied that allow you to purchase

portable storage containers that are delivered to your home for you to load up. Allied

and PODS, in particular, have special NYC services that can help you navigate the

city’s street regulations, including a City Service to protect your container from

ticketing while it’s being loaded or unloaded on busy streets.

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