How to Choose a Replacement Conservatory Roof

Many older homes have conservatories added at some point. These often have problems such as leaks due to weathering, cracks from ground movement and extreme temperature fluctuations.

The best solution is to replace your old conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof that provides excellent insulation, making your conservatory a pleasant room to use all year round. The addition of a tiled roof will transform your existing conservatory into a multi-functional extension that will be an integral part of your home.

A replacement conservatory roof will not only give your existing conservatory a new lease of life, it can also make your property more attractive and add value to your home. Metrotile lightweight tiles are a great choice for replacing your existing conservatory roof, as they are lighter than traditional roofing materials and will not compromise the security of your property or the look of your conservatory.

With a choice of insulated solid tiles in different colours, you can choose one that matches your home and blends in with the style of your house. They are also available in a 40-year weatherproof guarantee, so you can rest assured that they will last for years to come.

SupaLite Warm Roof Systems are designed and engineered to provide the best thermal performance, making them ideal for retrofitting onto an existing conservatory, or for constructing a completely new extension with a bespoke design. They are fully ventilated to prevent moisture ingress and carry full JHAI building regulations approval, delivering the benefits of an insulated room to your conservatory within just a few days of installation.

A warm roof will improve the energy efficiency of your existing conservatory and reduce heat loss, so you can save money on heating bills. The additional warmth provided by a warm roof will also reduce the need for air conditioning in your conservatory, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

There are a wide range of colour options to choose from when choosing your warm roof system, with extra detail such as soffits and fascias adding to the appearance and overall quality of the installation. The soffits can even house external LED downlights, which are a fantastic feature especially when the conservatory opens up to your garden.

Stylish Glass Roofs

The Atlas glass roof is a unique and stylish addition to your conservatory. It will bring natural light to your conservatory all year round and help to regulate the temperature inside, which is important if you want to enjoy using it in the summer.

Activ Blue is an attractive blue glass that has dual-action, self-cleaning properties and solar control technology which helps to keep your internal temperatures cool. It is ideal for conservatories that are used to entertain guests or as a living space.

With the right replacement conservatory roof you can transform your home and create a wonderful, comfortable space to relax in. The right solution will make your conservatory a place you’ll want to use for the whole family.

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