How to Flip Video on iPhone

How to Flip Video on iPhone

The iPhone has long been a popular video editing device for home movies and television shows, but it’s also become an affordable alternative to film cameras. In fact, many filmmakers use the iPhone to create short video clips for promotion or advertising purposes. You can now easily flip a video on the iPhone, and this article will help you learn how to do it.


iMovie for iPhone is a useful app that allows you to flip a video. The application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, and is compatible with the latest models of iOS devices. In addition to being able to flip a video, the app can also be used to edit the video.

When you open iMovie on your iPhone, you will see a list of clips. Click the video icon, and you will be presented with an editing panel. The editing panel contains a small box with options. The first one is the Crop button. It is located in the Browser toolbar above the Viewer. The Crop button will rotate the clip clockwise or counterclockwise.

The second option is the Mirror button. This will mirror the video. This is not as convenient as the Crop button, but will get the job done. The’mirror’ icon is located in the upper left of the screen. The’mirror’ button will automatically mirror the video if it is available.

You can also add a mirror to the photo, if you want to. This feature is only available on the latest iPhone models, and if you have older models, you will have to turn to other apps to achieve this effect. If you do not have an iPhone, you can try the Vidmore Video Converter.

Adobe Premiere Rush

When it comes to video editing, one of the best ways to add intrigue to your project is to flip your clips. This simple and effective technique can be accomplished in just a few clicks. Most video editors have a built-in flip function, but Adobe Premiere Rush is a bit different.

First, Premiere Rush enables you to edit the audio track separately from the video. You can then adjust white balance, saturation, and tint. You can even adjust the contrast and darkness of darker areas. In addition, you can adjust the speed and volume of the clips.

You can also use the Razor tool to flip your video. This video editing feature allows you to quickly flip a video or text. You can also drag the sides of the transition, making the transitions longer or shorter. You can add sound effects to your video to enhance the emotions of your viewers. You can also flip an image using the Transform effect.

In addition, Premiere Rush allows you to export your video to YouTube, Vimeo, and Snapchat. It can also convert your video file to MP4 for playback. You can also save your files to the cloud for syncing with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Clideo’s Flip Video tool

Clideo’s Flip Video tool allows you to mirror iPhone videos. Using this tool you can upload videos from your camera roll, cloud storage, or Dropbox. It’s a free and secure way to edit videos and share them with your friends. It has a variety of features to help clear up blurry and distorted videos. Its simple interface makes it easy to use.

It can work on a PC, Mac, or iOS device. You can also import videos that you have stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Once you have an uploaded video, you can download it to your iPhone.

The tool has a variety of features to make editing videos on your iPhone easier. You can crop your video and save it to your photo gallery, or you can share your video to social media. You can also edit your videos and add subtitles if you wish. You can even choose which format you want to save the result in.

The program also has a “plus sign” button that allows you to import your movie. You can also click “Done” to complete the process. It also has a Crop button that shows all the features related to flipping your video.

Alternatively, you can use the native iPhone app for the same purpose. Depending on your device, this feature may not work as smoothly. However, you can still flip your video in post-production.

To learn more about the Clideo app, you can check out their website. You can also read the company’s instructional guide to video editing.


If you’re looking for a way to edit videos on your iPhone, it’s likely that you’re already using an app called Quik. This app lets you import photos and video clips, trim them, and create beautiful montages of your photos. You can also add music, titles, overlays, and more. You can even share your videos on social media.

The great thing about this app is that it works on both iOS and Android. In fact, you can edit videos on your phone as well as your desktop! You can upload your video to the cloud to enjoy unlimited storage space. The app is free to download, but you can upgrade to a premium membership to gain access to even more features.

It’s easy to rotate a video on your iPhone. The app uses the Photos app to help you turn your video into the desired orientation. The crop icon is at the bottom left corner of your screen. Just press two fingers on the screen and flip your video. This is the same method that you would use to flip a picture.

Alternatively, you can open the iMovie app on your iPhone. This app is also free to download from the App Store. It allows you to rotate your video and preview it on the screen. You can also add titles, filters, and other effects to make your video look great.

If you’re ready to take your iPhone videos to the next level, you can try Adobe Premiere Rush. This app is designed to help you edit faster. However, it has limited tools and requires a lot of technical knowledge. If you don’t want to pay, you can remove the app’s ads by subscribing to a paid version.

If you’re a fan of GoPro cameras, you can use the GoPro Quik app to turn your videos into GoPro footage. You can change the speed, zoom in, reorder your photos, and even add stickers to your videos. The app will automatically turn on the audio when it detects your voice.

If you have the new iOS 13, you can unlock more editing features. You can now rotate your iPhone video, crop it, and fix it if it’s out of place.

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