How to Increase Your Entry-Level Accountant Pay

A career in accounting can start with an entry-level job as a bookkeeper or general accounting clerk. These positions help prepare financial reports and oversee payroll. Accounting professionals can also move into a budget analyst position, auditing role, or work for a government agency handling taxes and audits.

The average pay for an entry-level accountant is $75,275 per year. This salary is above the New York State average of $56,677. In addition to salary, accounting jobs offer a variety of other benefits like healthcare, vacation and retirement plans. The type of perks and benefits will depend on the size of the company. Larger firms, such as the Big 4 accounting companies, are more likely to offer higher salaries and more defined career paths.

As a result, these types of companies are popular options for college graduates seeking their first professional accounting job. Other benefits include opportunities to gain a professional certification or earn a degree while working in an entry-level position. Adding a certificate to your resume can increase the value of your job skills and demonstrate your commitment to advancing your career.

The fastest way to increase your entry-level accountant salary is to gain experience and move up the ranks. Senior accountants may make twice as much as their entry-level counterparts. It is possible to become a senior accountant in less than a year if you are determined and hard-working. Alternatively, you can pursue advanced degrees and other certifications to enhance your career potential and qualify for promotions. Entry-level accountant pay

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