How to Make Dark Matter Pets in Pet Simulator X

How to Make Dark Matter Pets in Pet Simulator X

This guide will teach you how to create dark matter pets in Pet Simulator X. You can acquire one by finding the location of dark tech in tech world, purchasing a dark matter machine, purchasing an egg of dark matter and hatching it to obtain your chosen pet from that egg.

Go to the dark matter egg

If you’re looking to make a dark matter pet, the dark matter egg has an almost 100% chance of giving one. This egg was added in Update 12, costs $730, and allows you to choose one of three pets with exactly the same stats as those from a normal egg.

The Bastl Instruments and Casper Electronics Dark Matter CV controlled overdrive module offers four flavours to choose from to add dynamic voltage controllable overdrive to your drums or bass lines. With this versatile device, you can enhance the sound of your music while adding a new layer of dynamism to its design.

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