How to Turn Your Favorite Photo Into a Diamond Painting

Painting with diamonds is a fun and creative activity for all ages. It is also a very relaxing and joyful way to spend time! With this kit, you can unleash your creativity and make a unique masterpiece.

Turning Your Favorite Photos into Custom Diamond Paintings

A photograph is always a great way to commemorate important events in your life. However, you should make sure that the picture is of high quality before trying to convert it into a diamond painting. Using photos that are not up to par can leave you with a low-quality template and a dull result. You should first resize the image by using the transform tool. Once you have sized it to the desired dimensions, you can drag it onto the canvas to begin the process of turning your photo into a diamond painting!

Color Saturation is Key to Creating a Good Template

Depending on the quality of your photos, you may need to do a little editing to get the colors right. You can use any free photo editing software to do this. But remember, you don’t want to change the brightness too much, as this can result in an under-saturated template. This can make it hard to see the details in the photo, especially if you’re using a large template to paint from.

The Bigger, the Better

A bigger digital file can produce a better quality template for diamond painting than a smaller one. In addition, you should make sure that your photo is clear and well-lit.

You’ll also want to consider the orientation of your photo. Some photos will be best displayed horizontally or vertically, while others should be on a square canvas. This can be determined by the location of your subject and how many people are in the photo.

Your Custom Diamond Painting will be Delivered in a Box

When you purchase your customized diamond painting, it will come with everything you need to get started. The kit includes a canvas, diamonds, an applicator, a tray and wax. It also comes with pre-printed numbered contours and is packaged in a reusable plastic bag.

The Kit Included in Your Package

You will receive a 240 grams canvas with double-sided adhesive, a diamond applicator, and a set of diamonds in the quantity required to create your design. The diamonds are in a variety of different colors and shapes, so you’ll have plenty to work with when you start.

The Diamond Shape You Choose is Very Important for Your Diamond Painting

Square diamonds are the most popular choice for diamond painting kits. They represent about 80% of the kits we sell, and they offer a more consistent look for your diamond painting. If you’re an experienced diamond painter, however, you can also opt for round diamonds.

Your diamond painting will be ready to hang in no time! You can even share your beautiful creation with friends and family online. It’s a thoughtful gift idea that will leave a lasting impression! diamond painting eigenes foto

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