“How To Write A Riveting Sales Letter That Closes Sales”

“How To Write A Riveting Sales Letter That Closes Sales”
By Mike Jezek, the Sales Letter Psychologist™

How do you get people’s attention and build their interest to
take the time to read your sales letter? Let’s face it. If you
can’t get the attention of prospects and keep their interest your
sales letter will just fall flat on it’s face and thus not make you
much money.

Today, I’m going to show you how to take that limp sales letter
and inject more money making power into it. How? You make
your sales letter more riveting. And you do that by creating a
thread of curiosity and or surprising information that keeps your
prospects on the edge of their seats. There are various ways
to do this, but today I’m going to show you three simple things
you can do right away to make your sales letter more riveting.

1) The 25% Rule: Simply stated, if the first quarter of your
sales letter isn’t absolutely compelling and interesting enough
your sales letter will bomb. So here’s what you do. You craft
an irresistible benefit laden headline and subhead that pull
people into the first sentence of your body copy. You write the
copy in such a way that to complete the thought forces your
audience into the next sentence. Next, your first paragraph
will naturally flow into the second paragraph and then into
the third and so on. The trick again, is to write the copy in
such a way that you’re using stories, case histories, testimonials
news or even descriptions that take several paragraphs to
write. Then you break this huge block of copy up into
multiple paragraphs. As a result, the first 25% of your
sales letter should become riveting.

2) Sentence Enders: At the end of key paragraphs you
can add a special sentence that beckons your prospects
to read into the next paragraph. Here are several examples:
“Stay with me.” “Let me explain.” There’s more.” “What
happened next will surprise you.” “I was blown away by
what happened next.” “Now here comes the good part.”

3) Preview: Have you ever noticed on talk radio or on
various news programs that the announcer or radio host
will give you a preview of what’s to come in their show
in order to whet your appetite to know more? You can
do the same thing throughout your sales letter. Note this
technique is closely related to Sentence Enders. Here
are a few examples. “As you read on, you’re about to discover how
XXX can boost your sales by 30% to 400% in just
7 short days.” “I’m going to reveal my magic metabolism
secrets that can peel off 20 lbs within 30 days time. But
before I do … ” “In the next 5 minutes as you read every
word of this letter, you will know the 7 secrets to exploding
your online profits without paying a single dime in advertising
costs.” “By the time you finish reading this eye-opening letter
you will know how to take these three fighting techniques and
stop any attacker foolish enough to get in your face.” Heading machine

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