Improve Cash Flow With Card Machines

Card machines help businesses improve their cash flow by providing a faster payment option for customers. Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant or on-the-go sole trader a card machine will give your business a competitive edge.

Card Machines work by taking a customer’s credit or debit card details and sending them to the payment processor. The processor then seeks authorization from the customer’s card-issuing bank to ensure that the funds will be available for the transaction amount, which is then verified by a signal sent back to the terminal and confirmed on the customers receipt. At the end of the day, or at a predetermined time, the authorized transactions are then batch-processed and transferred to the merchants bank account by the payment processor.

Some card machines offer a range of extra features to enhance the overall experience, from customer-facing displays to full integration with EPOS systems and online software platforms. Our Dojo Go card machine for example, combines sleek design with powerful technology, making it ideal for a till or table setting and enabling you to accept Android Pay on the move.

With the number of people using cards at an all-time high, offering card payments has never been more important for your business to remain competitive. Choosing the best card machine for your business will depend on your specific needs, but there are plenty of options out there to suit any business set-up and budget requirements. From app-only card readers that focus on micro-sellers, to more traditional models offering value and streamlined integrations, there’s something out there for everyone. card machines

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