Increasing Your YouTube Video View Count

So your videos are not getting much views on YouTube? Don’t worry it’s fixable and doesn’t take that much effort. If you follow what I am about to tell you, I guarantee you will see a great increase in subscribers, views and comments on YouTube channel.

Providing relevant video titles and descriptions

I see this happen a lot, a good video is uploaded but due to the description it is hidden from view and lies somewhere beneath the surface, barely getting any views. When you are setting a title for your video make sure it is something appealing and exciting. Don’t just write ‘me swimming’ include many words and exciting things so the video would correspond to more search results and appeal to others hence making them click. Think of a title that YOU as a YouTube viewer would click relating to your genre of video.’me swimming’ can be turned into ‘ Backstroke 400m sydney olympic pool’. These little changes drastically improve the amount of people you would see clicking on your video.So you set up a nice title, but thats not enough. You must set a relevant semi – detailed description. Your titles words should be in your description at least once, this will place your video much higher in the search results, under relevant view (default view). Basically try to optimize your tags and description to be as closely matched to your title and video genre as possible. Obviously, the higher up your video is in the search results for a particular tag or keyword the more people will click on it, seeing as it is first in the list.

Upload your video to more then one site

After you upload your video to YouTube, don’t stop there upload it to many other sites and community discussion panels under your specific genre. Some good video sites include vimeo



and obviously in the descriptions of your videos for each site post a link to your YouTube channel and or corresponding video. You can write something like ‘ for more ___ videos visit

Use video responses

This is a very important step, especially if the genre of your video as a high view count.Besides posting your videos as responses to your other videos, make sure to post them as responses to other highly viewed videos in your genre of video.For example – say your genre of video is a comedy video to do with stand up. Find a well viewed high rated on YouTube under the tag of e.g ‘comedy stand up’ and post your video as a response to it. You will be surprised how many people will start viewing your videos. It’s simple but very very effective. Obviously if a popular video on YouTube has lets say 50 million views with an average of 10000 views per day. If your video is a response to that video, thats 10000 more people having the chance of clicking on your video.

Post links to your YouTube channel and/or video on discussion boards.

So, lets say the genre of your YouTube channel or video is ‘comedy stand up’ find out online comedy websites, or discussion boards and offer up your channel in a post. Remember don’t spam! this will just associate you with crappy and non proffessional material. Join a comedy messageboard, and from time to time you may be able to slip in the name of your YouTube video in a post or make a new thread discussing something and mention the name of a funny video you found, you don’t even need to say you made it. It’s the view count that matters

Make a website dedicated to your YouTube channel

This one may take more time, but having a website to go with your YouTube channel, is a very legitimate addition. It demonstrates your professionalism and has the potential to reach a much greater audience and is obviously easier to link to. A great example of someone who does this is hotforwords.She is YouTubes no.1 guru and the most consistently watched channel. See what I did there, many of you will probably click on that website, the same can be applied to your YouTube channel.

Make good quality videos

This is an obvious one, but make good quality videos. No one is going to want to watch a 20 second clip of a video filmed with a vga camera pointed at your shoes.In conclusion I guarantee you will see an exponential increase in your YouTube video view count with the above methods. It’s common sense really. buy likes for youtube

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