Knee High Grip Socks

Athletes and others who spend extended periods of time on their feet can benefit from knee high grip socks. These socks apply consistent pressure on the ankle, calf, and foot to help blood vessels work better. They force arteries that take oxygen-rich blood to your muscles to relax, making room for more blood to flow. At the same time, they push veins to return that freshly oxygenated blood back to your heart, helping you recover from exercise and fight off swelling, cramping, and blood clots.

Most people who use these socks can choose from mild (10 to 15 mmHg) and moderate (20-30 mmHg) levels of compression. More firm socks can be prescription-only, and are typically recommended for people who have venous disease or edema.

Some brands offer socks with extra silicone in key places, like the heel and ball of the foot. That can keep you from sliding around inside your shoe and provide added support during lateral movements and circuit training. Others use a soft, stretchy fabric to provide more comfort and stability.

If you’re a runner who wants plush cushioning without losing feel for the road, try Drymax’s best-selling Running Lite Mesh. The mesh layer moves moisture away from your foot, keeping it dry and reducing blister-producing friction. And the grippy padding underfoot offers enough protection for dodging rocks and roots on your next trail run.

When you’re shopping for knee high grip socks, make sure to measure your thigh, knee, and ankle to find the right fit. And be aware that some brands’ sizing differs from standard sizing, so be careful to check the sizing chart before you buy. knee high grip socks

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