Kokomo Welcomes First Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Facility

Kokomo is preparing to welcome the state’s first electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility. The new plant, a joint venture between Stellantis and Samsung SDI called Star Plus Energy, is expected to open in 2025. The company will employ about 1,400 people initially, said Seung-Kyung Kim, director of the Institute for Korean Studies at Indiana University Bloomington. She said IU will work with the city of Kokomo to provide educational resources for the employees, including lessons in everyday Korean culture.

EV Star Plus is an alternative transportation solution for transit agencies, shuttle operators, paratransit, and hospitals that want to lower operational costs while helping the environment. The all-electric vehicle is powered by an all-new lithium-ion battery system designed to maximize range and durability.

The EV Star Plus battery is a tubular inverter battery that delivers more performance than conventional flat-plate batteries. The tubular design improves the lifespan of the battery by resisting corrosion, enhancing its durability, and allowing for frequent deep discharges without losing capacity. This increases the reliability of backup power systems and reduces the need for constant recharging.

As a Senior Process Engineer, you will develop and optimize the EV battery production processes for safety, quality, productivity, and sustainability. This includes monitoring, analyzing, and implementing new processes, procedures, and equipment as needed. You will also be responsible for improving production yields and reducing operational costs. You will work closely with other departments and suppliers to ensure project goals are met. Star Plus Energy

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