Mushroom Cultivation Supplies

Mushroom cultivation supplies are an important part of a fungus cultivator’s toolkit. The right supplies help ensure that the cultivation process is efficient, and the likelihood of contamination is reduced. This article will discuss a few of the essential tools that every mushroom grower should have in their kit.

This list of supplies does not cover every possible item a mushroom grower may need, and will vary based on the type of mushroom being grown and how it is being grown. For example, if you are growing mushrooms outdoors on logs instead of in bags then you will need different supplies like plug spawn which is inoculated wood dowels that you hammer into logs to start the fruiting process. Depending on whether you are using an indoor or outdoor mushroom cultivation setup, there will also be different types of environmental controls and accessories needed.

For example, if you are using a fruiting chamber or grow tent, you will need a humidity controller to ensure the substrate stays at the correct temperature and moisture level for optimal growth. A thermometer is also needed to monitor the temperature and ensure that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, and a hygrometer to measure the amount of moisture in the air in order to maintain proper levels for incubation and fruiting.

Other items such as a digital scale, Erlenmeyer flasks, and graduated cylinders can be used to add an extra layer of precision to your measurements, helping you to keep your substrate and nutrient solutions exactly at the ideal specifications for maximum yields. Surgical masks are another important accessory to use when working with any kind of mushroom, as they protect against contaminants from your breath.

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