Paintball, An Adrenaline Pumping Extreme Sport

With shelled balls hurling towards you at 250 feet per second or more, paintballing is one of the more extreme and adrenaline pumping sports out there today.

Using strategy, stealth, teamwork,and speed, paintballing has become a sport of its own. Paintballing is a fast growing and exciting sport with many different ways to play. Woodsball, scenario ball, and speedball are the most popular versions of the sport to come out so far.

Woodsball is more for going out into the near by woods with friends, then its a play your own game how you want it blast, plain and simple. Scenario ball mainly involves large groups of people in large fields with buildings, sheds, cars, pipes and other obstacles to make it as realistic and action packed as it can get without being in a actual war fire fight. Sometimes the events will reenacting wars or fire fights that have happened in history. The paintball guns at these events are not always but mostly real gun resembling markers, to make the game even more war like. In larger areas these events sometimes have 3 day camp outs, in smaller areas its mostly a one day deal.

Speedball is the most fast paced, action packed version of the sport. With only a small fenced field,a couple of obstacles and 10 players with paint-ball guns that shoot a whopping 18 plus balls a second, from start to finish its a fun firing frenzy. In the beginning the players have to point their guns away from the other players till the game starts so they do not get a cheap start at firing, that is how close crammed and action packed this version of paintballing really is. Once the game starts the players run full tilt to find cover. After that its a test of quick reflexes and communication. With 250 plus feet per second projectiles you have to move pretty fast to not get hit and make sure your team mates do not get hit either, losing one player can give the other team a huge advantage with the small area of play. To win you need to eliminate all opposing players and grab their flag and bring it to your side. As paintballing continues to grow, so do the fields and areas to play. Find one near you and go for it. Fire Fighting water gun

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