Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

Typically used in areas where the supply of power is limited or unavailable, petrol fire pumps are an integral component of many water-based fire systems. These types of pumps are primarily used to increase the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of the system’s water supply in situations where it falls below what is needed. Fire pumps are able to offer this boost in pressure because they are designed with high-quality materials that can withstand the increased load of demand on the fire pump during an emergency and the harsh conditions they will be subjected to during use.

There are a number of different types of fire fighting pumps available to suit a range of applications. These include horizontal split-case fire pumps, end suction pumps and centrifugal fire pumps. The main difference between these types is the way in which they are installed and how much space they require when in operation.

Horizontal split-case fire pumps are the most popular type of fire pump. These pumps feature a split casing that can be opened for maintenance, are fitted with a horizontal shaft and are capable of utilising either an electric or diesel driver. They are a reliable choice for the majority of applications, offer a range of flow and pressure capacities and can be easily maintained. However, they do need to be located in a large area as they are the most space-consuming of all fire pumps.

End suction fire pumps are a similar design to horizontal split-case pumps but with the added benefit of having a perpendicular discharge outlet. These pumps are a little more compact than their counterparts, making them a better option for installations in smaller spaces. They are also capable of achieving higher head lifts than their larger siblings, meaning that they can deliver water further and more quickly.

Centrifugal fire pumps are another excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. These pumps can handle a number of liquids including flammable liquids, gases and acids. They have a number of advantages over other types of fire pumps, including the fact that they can operate at a higher head at lower speeds and they are easy to maintain due to their simple design.

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