Puerto Aventuras Yachts – A Relaxing Getaway in the Riviera Maya

The upscale golf and yachting community of Puerto Aventuras is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing getaway in the Riviera Maya. Tucked away from the overcrowded and noisy beaches of Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras offers a more relaxed atmosphere that still maintains excellent proximity to all of the region’s top attractions. This is also a popular spot for families to stay at as well as snow-birds looking for an escape from the cold.

Once you have made it to the marina of Puerto Aventuras (which is guarded 24-hours) you will be greeted by beautiful vacation homes, villas and condos with a luxury feel to them. The ambiance is luxurious yet relaxed and friendly. Guests can walk to the marina and find many restaurants, shops and activities to choose from.

Among the most popular activities here are renting private yachts to take out for the day. You can book a sunset cruise or even spend the night sailing and enjoying drinks, music and snacks while you admire the stunning view of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. All of the boats that leave from the Puerto Aventuras marina are fully equipped with the necessities so you can be comfortable while you enjoy your time on the water.

Most of the yachts that you can rent in Puerto Aventuras are catamarans which offer plenty of space for a group of people to sit and relax. This is a great choice for couples and groups who are looking to have some fun and maybe do a little bit of partying on the boat as well. All of the boats have a captain to ensure your safety and are equipped with everything you will need.

You can also go on a snorkeling tour from the Puerto Aventuras marina which is a great way to explore the beautiful Ihna reef. The water here is clear and calm and it will allow you to see all of the incredible sea life that lives underneath the surface. The Ihna reef is home to turtles, fish and more so be sure to bring your camera to capture some amazing photos.

Another popular activity is scuba diving in the crystal blue waters of Ihna reef. You will be able to see an abundance of marine life and it is the perfect place for beginners to learn how to dive. This is a fun and safe activity for people of all ages to experience and you can hire scuba equipment from the many vendors on the island as well.

This is a great option for both families and scuba divers and there are many companies that offer this as a package deal along with a sunset cruise or full day charter. Be sure to check with your hotel as they can usually help you to find a company that offers this. Depending on how long you are staying there, you may want to consider hiring a car so that you can visit some of the other beaches that are nearby as well. Puerto Aventuras Yachts

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