Skyzone Socks – Why You Need Them

You can reserve your jump time online, hours or days in advance to ensure that you get the exact time you want to go. When you arrive at Sky Zone, you’ll take care of the necessary paperwork, pay for your session and then grab a pair of their special Sky socks (they cost $4 per pair but you can keep them as long as you bring them back on future visits).

The socks are needed because they are designed to offer a firm grip on trampoline surfaces while jumping. They also provide a layer of comfort for your feet when playing more vigorous games. These socks for skyzone are especially important if you want to compete in games like the free climb or Skyslam, where you’re encouraged to push your limits and reach heights you wouldn’t normally be able to without the help of a firm pair of socks.

Once you’ve got your socks, it’s time to start jumping! The facility is huge and there are tons of courts for you to hop around on. There are also various lounges with sofas and TVs if you need a break from jumping or just want to watch your kids play.

There is a snack bar on site that sells pizza and other snacks but you’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Be sure to bring some water because all that bouncing can make you dehydrated pretty quickly. There is also a large bathroom that you can use and a staff that monitors the facilities and makes sure everyone stays safe. skyzone socks

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