The Amber Sea – The Gold of the North

The Amber Sea is a new condo development by one of Singapore’s top local developers, Far East Organisation. It’s situated in an accessible spot between Joo Chiat / Katong and Marine Parade. Its location is perfect for families with young children, or anyone seeking to live near the thriving city center of Singapore.

Baltic Amber

The Baltic Sea region along the coast of Germany, Poland and Russia is an important source of natural amber. People in the region go out looking for this ‘gold of the north’ after storms, when it flies into the air and is carried to beaches where it can be found and collected.

In the ancient world, amber was believed to have magical properties and to be an excellent material for jewelry. It was used to protect against the evil eye, as well as to cure ailments. The Baltic area is also rich in legends and folklore, many of which involve amber.

Often, amber is carved into shapes that represent the human figure or animal figures, such as horses, dolphins and mermaids. It is also used to create rings and necklaces as an alternative to silver or gold.

Some amber is also treated to change its color. This is called ‘clarification’ and is done by heating the stone at different temperatures and causing any small bubbles to break apart and become transparent. This process can give the piece an attractive’sun spangle’ pattern, which is considered an amber hallmark and adds to its unique appeal.

While the majority of amber is a clear, crystalline substance, some is colored by trace elements such as iron or manganese. Some amber is naturally dark or black. These shades are more rare and can be prized by collectors for their beauty and value.

In addition, amber can be polished and dyed to create a variety of colors, including blue, purple and red. During the heat treatment, the resin within amber can absorb other minerals or chemicals, which can change its appearance.

The most common type of amber is white, but it can also be found in blue or purple. This is a rare color and can be regarded as the most valuable, especially if it is accompanied by natural patterns or inclusions.

Another type of amber is ‘dark’ amber, which has a deep brown or black color and sometimes features natural patterns or inclusions. It is also frequently mixed with other types of natural materials to produce more interesting pieces.

It has a lower melting point than most gem materials, so care must be taken when working with it to avoid damage. It can be burnt at a low temperature, but it should never be heated too much or too quickly or it will cause it to crack and shatter.

Amber is a very soft material, only slightly harder than talc, and it should be handled with care. It is recommended that you always wear protective gloves when handling amber, as it can be prone to skin irritation.

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