The Best Heaters For Your Home

Heaters are a key piece of kit in most homes, providing warmth, light and atmosphere. However, the type of heater you choose can affect your energy efficiency and running costs. We have put together a guide to help you select the best heating solution for your home.

We’ve tested a wide range of storage and panel heaters, from budget models to high-end choices. Each of these appliances differs in the maximum temperature they can reach, how quickly they can raise room temperatures and what additional features they offer. Our top picks are the following:

This little heater is compact, cheap and quick to warm a room. Its controls are simple, with a control panel on the top and an LED display. It has 10 fan settings and four heat ones, as well as oscillation and three modes – natural (which varies the airflow to a distracting effect), normal and sleep. It can also switch between 1.2 and 2kW/h power settings automatically, to maintain the set temperature without using much electricity. It also has tip-over and overheating protection and a 12-hour timer.

This is a high-end model from the British manufacturer of electric stoves, and it’s one of the fastest heaters we’ve tested. It has a high maximum temperature, so you can feel instantly comfortable and it’s quiet, too. It has a few extra features that give it an edge over cheaper rivals, including a timer and sleep mode. It’s ideal for use in bedrooms, where you want a quick temperature boost and then a low level of heat throughout the night. heaters liverpool

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