Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

An best employee communication apps is an essential tool for keeping employees engaged and informed. It can help improve teamwork and increase productivity. It can also reduce the time and cost of managing communication channels.

Staffbase offers dynamic employee segmentation and AI-enabled insights for personalized intranet feeds. It also features a searchable people directory and instant-message discussions that encourage collaboration.


In addition to its custom branding options, Staffbase also enables communications teams to manage internal communication content in one central hub. This includes shift plans, documents, forms, and calendars. It also supports non-desk employees and those without access to the company network.

This branded employee app has more than 350 customers and helps communicators reach their whole workforce, even those with limited network access, through mobile devices. It combines planning, communication, and engagement in a single platform and provides powerful analytics. Admins can create and design content in a single place and send notifications via push or email.

When it comes to implementing an employee app, it is important to get management on board from the start. This will help motivate adoption among the rest of the organization. The best way to do this is to present the app as a solution for a specific problem that the company is facing. This will ensure that management sees the value of the investment and will be more likely to support it.


Beekeeper is a real-time unified team communication app that helps frontline employees connect and engage. It also supports centralized access to important business systems, including 3rd party payroll information. Employees can easily access shift schedules, daily tasks and checklists, onboarding, training, surveys, and polls. They can also exchange messages with colleagues instantly and collaborate across languages using chats, streams, and inline translation.

Founded in 2012, Beekeeper has customers in more than 130 countries and serves industries that depend on frontline workers. Its mission is to transform the way 2 billion frontline employees work by connecting them with a mobile-first operational communications platform. Beekeeper provides the tools for a digital workplace that automates workflows, engages peers, and empowers leaders.

The Beekeeper software is a secure, encrypted system that meets industry requirements for data security and protection. It uses ISO 27001 certification and guarantees GDPR compliance for its clients. It is designed to integrate with existing operational systems and is compatible with many devices. It also has an open API to support additional functionality.


Haiilo (formerly Smarp) is a company communication app that turns employees into your biggest brand ambassadors. This employee advocacy platform is easy to use and offers a suite of features that make it one of the leading providers in the industry.

It has a unique email feature that allows employees to receive a daily digest of all the content that is new for them. It’s a great way to ensure that your employees don’t miss any important information.

This internal communications software is designed for enterprise companies that want to bring all their top-down, bottom-up and non-vertical communication into one intuitive platform. Its robust capabilities include scalable multichannel communication, social intranet, built-in surveys and extensive analytics. Haiilo also has a number of integrations that help you reach your employees where they are already working. These include MS Teams, Slack, and Sharepoint. Its clients include Salesforce, KPMG, Vodafone Spain and Deutsche Telekom.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workspace that brings together chat, meetings, files and third-party software programs in one unified interface. It has been designed to meet the needs of a modern workplace that is increasingly remote and work-from-home.

It provides a range of collaboration tools that include rich text editing, emojis and GIFs, @mentions, threaded conversations and bots. Users can also use video calls to communicate with colleagues. The platform is tightly integrated with other Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also connects to Outlook calendaring.

It allows staff to share files and information in channels based on topics such as projects or specific team members, which helps to keep them organized. It also has a variety of tools that enable team members to collaborate in real-time, such as group conversations and meeting transcriptions. It is also a good choice for companies with a large number of remote workers or those that are looking to streamline their work processes.

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