Top Three Best Acne Treatments for Teen and Adult Acne

Sometimes the best acne treatments are the holistic ones.  Even though holistic acne treatments are not necessarily as potent as prescription medications,

Top Three Best Acne Treatments for Teen and Adult Acne Articles

 they usually don’t cause the skin and internal organ damage that many prescription medicines cause in acne patients.  So what are some of the “best acne treatments” doctors usually recommend that you should avoid?  Here are just a sampling.1. Tetracycline: I took Tetracycline for several months, and was very pleased with how it worked.  Then, I began to have trouble digesting my food, and soon I was diagnosed with acid reflux disease.  My specialist told me he sees this in many acne patients who take Tetracycline.  Why?  Because their dermatologists told them to take it before bedtime, which meant that the medicine would dissolve in my stomach and creep its way up my esophagus while I was lying down in bed, eroding it away and causing acid reflux disease.  Needless to say, I quit Tetracycline cold turkey.2. Accutane: Many acne patients take Accutane when they think there’s no other alternative.  Usually these patients have severe acne and severe acne scars and are looking for an extreme kind of relief.  I don’t blame them, but usually Accutane makes more of a mess of your body than it helps.According to Accutane’s own warnings, Accutane can cause feelings of depression and suicide.  These symptoms have been found in many acne patients, and unfortunately, simply discontinuing the use of Accutane doesn’t fix the new problems.  They usually need counseling.  In addition, Accutane also causes severe flaky, dry skin, which often leads to bleeding.  It can also cause internal organs harm, and it cannot be taken by pregnant women under any circumstances, as the fetus will turn out deformed.3. Tretinoin cream: Tretinoin cream is one step below Retin-A in severity, and it is a prescription topical treatment.  While effective, it can cause extremely dry, scaly skin, and is typically rather difficult to reverse as far as the effects it causes.  If you must use Tretinoin cream, take it in very small quantities, and don’t use very much at one time. Tretinoin Buy

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