Trends in Baby Girl Names

If there’s one thing every parent knows, it’s that choosing the perfect baby girl name is a big decision. You want something that sounds good from her baby years all the way through her childhood, but it also has to fit your parenting instincts and your overall sense of family identity. And it must be a name you and your partner love, too. And while popular names like Olivia, Sophia, Emma and Charlotte are the top picks for girls right now, it’s important to remember that a girl’s name doesn’t have to be trendy to fit in with your style.

In fact, a few of the most popular girl names that have soared up the charts over the past year are ones that sprang from unexpected places. Take Sierra, for example. This two-syllable name, which has Latin origins meaning mountain range, is sure to bestow your little one with the adventurous spirit and the will to climb jagged mountains. And the name Nora climbed more than 60 spots after the release of the super-sized Steve Martin family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, in which Piper Perabo stars as the brood’s oldest daughter named Nora.

Another naming trend, spotted by BabyCenter, is parents opting for strong names with resilient meanings. From Kamala (up 20%) and Ruth (up 15%) to Serenity and Faith, names with this quality are growing in popularity. This is a great way to help your daughter understand that she can face whatever life throws her way with a strength and resilience that will stand the test of time.

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