Upgrade Your Conservatory With a New Roof

Your conservatory is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, a little safe haven to curl up with a good book or spend a few peaceful hours after a long day. But like all things, your conservatory can eventually start to show its age and, as a result, you may find yourself thinking about upgrading the space with new roof panels.

While you might be upgrading your conservatory roof for a variety of reasons, one of the most common is that your existing roof has been damaged and is no longer in working order. You might have noticed leaking or a build-up of condensation, and either way, it’s worth getting your conservatory roof repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent any further damage being done to the rest of the structure.

You might also want to upgrade your conservatory roof as a form of aesthetic improvement. Advances in roofing materials have meant that conservatory roofs no longer have to look old and outdated, with many modern roof options being highly energy-efficient and able to be complete with contemporary skylights. As a result, replacing your existing conservatory roof can make it feel more like an integral part of your home rather than a space that’s tacked on to the back of your property.

Whether you opt for glass, polycarbonate or tiled roof panels, the benefits are clear. Your conservatory will become more thermally efficient, meaning that it will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, while your electricity bills will likely go down as a result. Additionally, your heating and cooling costs will be reduced as a result of the improved insulation, while the soundproofing that tiled roofs provide means that outdoor noises are kept to a minimum.

If you’re looking to replace your existing conservatory roof with a solid option, the most popular choice is usually a tiled conservatory roof. As well as providing an excellent level of insulation, a tiled roof will give your conservatory a much more traditional appearance and can be finished with a range of different internal finishes. Some companies, such as Eco Roofing SE, even offer a design service to help you plan out the ideal roof for your property and then tailor it to fit your exact specifications.

It’s worth noting that if you are changing your conservatory from a polycarbonate to a solid roof, it will most likely require replacement windows or a new supporting framework. This is because a solid roof is heavier than a polycarbonate roof, and you will be asking the existing windows to support a significantly greater load.

Fortunately, most companies will work with your local building control to ensure that all required safety standards are adhered to. This includes checking that your roof structure is strong enough to accommodate the extra weight of a tiled conservatory roof, as well as ensuring that any external soffits that are installed are fireproof. conservatory roof replacement

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