Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers – A Revolutionary Development in the Packaging Industry

The water soluble bag manufacturers is a revolutionary development in the world of packaging that could have a transformative impact on how we use, dispose and even pack food and other products. From single-use detergent packets that effortlessly dissolve in the washing machine to controlled-release fertilisers and eco-friendly waste bags that biodegrade in a matter of months, this innovative technology is set to reshape the packaging industry and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

A new type of laundry bag made from composite water soluble film has been developed to help prevent the spread of infection from soiled hospital bed linens, garments and bedding. This bag is ideal for hospitals and nursing homes that need to minimize contact between staff and contaminated laundry. It also helps to contain blood borne pathogens like MRSA and pests like bed bugs. The bag is designed to dissolve in a cold water laundry cycle and is able to be flushed away.

The composite water soluble bag is made from two strips of hot and cold water soluble plastic films that are bonded together to form a uniplanar film. The top strip of the film contains a layer of cold water soluble polyvinyl alcohol which is located close to the bottom strip of the film which contains a layer of hot water soluble polyvinyl chloride. When the bag is placed in a cold water wash cycle, the cold water soluble film portion of the film dissolves while the hot water soluble polyvinyl chloride remains intact. As the bag enters a hot water cycle, the temperature of the polyvinyl alcohol layer increases which causes it to liquefy. As the hot water passes through the bag, the mixture of melted hot and cold water soluble plastics is expelled from the bag and flushed into a waste system.

In the past, laundry bags have been made from low density polyethylene, known as LDPE or Polybags, which is highly flexible and see-through, cheap to make and protects the contents from moisture, dirt and damage. The problem with LDPE, however, is that it cannot be recycled in many countries and eventually ends up as waste that can either be landfilled or incinerated. This creates problems for the environment as well as for the economy, because recycling this material requires a lot of energy and resources.

Another problem with LDPE is that it can take years to break down in the natural environment, which can harm marine life and the ecosystem. This has led to an increasing number of companies developing bags made from a different kind of biodegradable plastic called PVA or Polyvinyl Alcohol. This is a completely safe and non-toxic material that can be dissolved in hot or cold water, and breaks down into H20, CO2 and biomass through the action of microorganisms. These eco-friendly laundry bags are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be printed with customer logos or other information.

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