Water Soluble Film Packaging Machine

Water Soluble Film Packaging Machine combines all the essential components of a modern packaging machine to offer a powerful and efficient system. Whether your company is looking to take advantage of the environmental benefits that come with this new technology or simply reduce the cost of packaging each day, the right water-soluble plastic machinery can make all the difference.

The invention relates to a PVA water soluble film packing machine designed for weighing, dosing and packing of pesticides, settlement agents or other granules in the form of a sachet with a layer of a water-soluble PVA/PVOH film. The device consists of a control panel, a motor drive, a film feeder, a vacuum plastic absorption mechanism and an upper film supporting unit.

The main idea behind this new type of packaging is that it’s not made from petroleum like regular plastic and disintegrates completely in water, eliminating the risk of harmful waste that can come with conventional plastic. It also reduces production costs for businesses as it doesn’t require specialized machinery, and can be used on standard equipment. The machines themselves are highly efficient and can produce thousands of packages daily, significantly cutting down on packaging costs in the long run. They also feature a built-in quality control system, and collection bins or conveyors help organize the products for easy distribution. The brain of the machine, the control panel oversees every process, ensuring each step is completed exactly as it should be. Water Soluble Film Packaging Machine

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