Wellness Coaching Services

In much the same way a personal trainer designs a program to help their client achieve a desired result, wellness coaches guide clients in exploring the domains of lifestyle that influence a person’s sense of well-being. The broader scope of coaching allows for deeper exploration of holistic habits that include sleep, movement, nutrition, stress management and more.

The goal of coaching is to support clients in making ongoing choices that are consistent with their values and produce positive results over time. While most people know what they “should” do to foster a life of wellness (eat a healthy diet, move regularly, prioritize rest, reduce stress), it isn’t always easy to implement those practices in a sustainable and fulfilling way. A wellness coach creates a space to explore these goals with the client and develop an action plan to help them reach their potential.

Coaching is an unregulated field, but ethical practitioners will seek certification to build a strong skill set and to ensure they are creating sustainable change that supports their clients’ health and wellbeing. Those who work with clients on a long-term basis will likely charge higher hourly rates to establish their practice and provide a consistent income.

Many students seek coaching services because they are overwhelmed by stressors that are related to mental and physical health, such as adjusting to life on campus, social injustice and changing political environments. Wellness coaches are trained to listen with unconditional positive regard and provide the safe and supportive environment necessary to help students find healthy ways of coping with these challenges.

During the initial session, students will meet with their coach one-on-one and complete an assessment that helps determine a personalized wellness action plan that will be reviewed in subsequent sessions. Students can schedule a session through the my.WellnessPortal with a professional faculty-certified health coach or a student peer wellness coach.

Employers that offer wellness initiatives report lower absenteeism, higher productivity and morale. Investing in employee wellness is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost productivity and overall well-being. wellness coaching services

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