What Is 2 Shot Molding?

2 shot molding is a plastic injection process that allows for different molded materials to be joined together in one cycle. This creates a much stronger bond than conventional joining methods, such as gluing and welding. It also allows for more aesthetically pleasing products. This method is perfect for creating plastic items that have multiple colors or different textures. It is ideal for items like toothbrushes that need a hard-wearing base area and a soft seal surface for better grip. This process is also great for producing non-slip surfaces and air conditioning seals, as well as soft handles for electrical equipment. It can also be used to sculpt logos that are far more durable than painted-on ones.

Traditionally, if a product needed two different materials to function and look good, they would have to be molded separately in separate molds, and then manually assembled afterward. But with the two shot process, these components are molded in the same mold and fused together during production, eliminating the need for any additional assembly steps. This process can be incredibly efficient, as it reduces labor costs and manufacturing time for manufacturers.

There are many different ways that this process can be achieved, but the most common is to use a rotary platen or movable core. The first step involves inserting the movable core into the injection mold. Then the rotary platen, or second injection unit, injects a second material into the movable core. The resulting multi-resin molded part is then cooled and ejected.

It is important to be aware that not all materials are compatible for this type of injection molding. Incompatible materials can cause delamination, voids, or other issues. It is therefore essential to consult a material compatibility chart before beginning the process. It can help you to determine if the different materials will adhere to each other, and to make sure that the different polymers don’t interact chemically with each other.

A key element to a successful multi-shot plastic molding process is to ensure that the first injection molded part is supported by the second one, or else it will be susceptible to deformation. This is because the second injection will apply a significant amount of pressure to the first one, and this can lead to distorted parts. It is crucial to keep this in mind, and to be certain that the runner systems are correctly sized for each of the processes.

In order to perform a successful two-shot process, it is important that you choose an experienced supplier with an exceptional level of skill and attention to detail. The smallest error in the process can result in severe financial losses, and this is particularly true in high-volume manufacturing circumstances. This is why it’s vital that you find a manufacturer with the ability to produce quality parts at an exceptionally fast rate. It is also worth considering whether or not they have a backup plan in place for increasing capacity as your business grows.

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