Where to Place Runner Rugs in Your Home

Runner rugs are popular among homeowners because of their ability to transform a cold and stark room into something warm, comfortable and colorful. They also offer an added layer of protection especially if the home has hardwood floors.

The most common areas where runner rugs are used are hallways and staircases. However, these are not the only rooms in a house where runners can be placed to enhance its overall design and make it more appealing. Runners can be placed in kitchens, bathrooms and even entryways.

In hallways, a runner rug can create a nice walkway and provide a comfortable surface to stand on for people that are coming in and out of the area. They can also be positioned with furniture pieces like consoles or benches to give them a more organized and clean-looking appearance. In kitchens, a runner can be placed in front of the sink, stove or island to help establish a more defined path to these key points and a comfortable place for people to stand when doing the cooking.

Similarly, a runner can be placed in the entrance to a home to welcome guests and make them feel comfortable. This is also a great way to introduce the home’s style through its rug and set the tone for a guest’s experience in the home. This can be done through the use of color, texture and pattern. For example, a striped or geometric patterned runner can create a fun and playful vibe while a felt runner can promote a more relaxed and unwinding-conducive ambiance.

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